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Hey Blog, You’ll Never Publish in this Industry Again.

Rejection hurts. Sure. No surprise there. But rejection doesn’t annoy me. People throwing their cigarette butts on the ground annoy me. Students who don’t do any work and then insist on moving up to the next level annoy me. Absurd rules annoy me. And publishing is filled with absurd rules. I understand rules of politeness. … Continue reading

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The Power of Words and the Paper They’re Printed on

Write the right thing. I found this video over at angelinelajeunesse. I don’t know her blog well, yet, but I came across her on a facebook group–writers unboxed. Come join me over there sometime. Anyway, how you word things obviously matters or you wouldn’t write. And the words we choose shape our perceptions. If the … Continue reading

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More art or more writing? I had an art show today, and it went well. People I didn’t even know bought my art! A few friends bought art too. And friends may tell you they like your art to be polite. But few people part with their money to be polite. And I give people … Continue reading