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Still the Same Story

Soon, I will have an actual physical copy of my book, The Blue Jar, in my hand. That’s going to be amazing and unbelievable. There’s the feeling of finishing something. Then there’s the feeling of putting that something out into the world. I started this novel as a writing prompt on a Tuesday afternoon in … Continue reading

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Finish Something

One thing I want to do is make hand made books. I’ve got no market for handmade books and one book takes a ton of time, so they aren’t practical. But they’re fun, and I’ll probably make more. Years ago, I started a story about two rabbits, Ink and Mirabelle. This weekend, I finished one … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

A few years ago, I dressed as rejection for Halloween. I pinned all of my rejection letters to my jacket and a red, paper, broken heart to my jacket’s lapel. I wrote “No!” and “Go away!” on the palms of my hands. I took my son’s toy collapsable knife and pretended every so often to … Continue reading

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Bloody Days

I’ve almost forgotten I blog. Heading toward the Christmas season things took an unexpected turn. A routine mammogram ended in a biopsy and two surgeries, and I can’t say it’s all done yet. The main distraction is the incision that has continued to bleed for over a week. There are plenty more serious health issues … Continue reading

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Perfect Sentences and Other Lies

Some people promise to diet or to exercise every day or to be more patient. Do you do that? Swear you’re going to be different and somewhere between three minutes and three days that is all shot to hell? Mine is that I’m going to be less neurotic. I’ve been trying to come up with … Continue reading

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Is that the best you can do?

In high school I spent one year on the yearbook staff. I started the class really excited, and I ended the class hoping never to speak of it again. When my mother saw the section I’d worked on–the advertising section, which I hated but did work hard on–she said, “That doesn’t look very good. That’s … Continue reading