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Still the Same Story

Soon, I will have an actual physical copy of my book, The Blue Jar, in my hand. That’s going to be amazing and unbelievable. There’s the feeling of finishing something. Then there’s the feeling of putting that something out into the world. I started this novel as a writing prompt on a Tuesday afternoon in … Continue reading

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Finish Something

One thing I want to do is make hand made books. I’ve got no market for handmade books and one book takes a ton of time, so they aren’t practical. But they’re fun, and I’ll probably make more. Years ago, I started a story about two rabbits, Ink and Mirabelle. This weekend, I finished one … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

A few years ago, I dressed as rejection for Halloween. I pinned all of my rejection letters to my jacket and a red, paper, broken heart to my jacket’s lapel. I wrote “No!” and “Go away!” on the palms of my hands. I took my son’s toy collapsable knife and pretended every so often to … Continue reading