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Over at my friend’s place…

My friend and amazing author, Ami McKay, interviewed me and did a nice write-up of my novel, The Blue Jar. She included a favorite photo of mine–us with Santa Claus and I’m wearing my “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” tee-shirt. If you can, go over there, read, and comment. Maybe share. I’ve known Ami since we … Continue reading

Moms, Dreams, and Stupid Questions
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Moms, Dreams, and Stupid Questions

My mother drew the unicorn. I can’t draw like her. I’ve always wanted to, but have yet to manage it. Do you compare yourself to your parents? Is there something either on of them did that you wish you could do? My mother started to write a novel. She had only a few chapters written … Continue reading

Transition Madness
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Transition Madness

Today I finished chemo. One surgery remains. The toxins will leave my body, my hair will grow back, and I’ll get to call myself a survivor. But aren’t we all survivors if we make it to another day? I don’t know, but I find survivor a strange thing to call myself. Many people are kind … Continue reading

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Counting Down…

October promises many things. Let’s hope October keeps such promises. The first Friday of October will be my last day of chemo. Thank the stars. I’ve had fewer side-effects than many. I’m lucky. This has been week ten of Taxel. The nurse told me that the 10th week is the most common week for neuropathy … Continue reading

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“There’s only one kind of woman…or man, for that matter. You either believe in yourself or you don’t.”

What story changed your life? Maybe that’s too dramatic? Well, what story shaped or moved your opinions one way another? My parents didn’t tell me often how or what to think. “It’s up to you,” they said. How did my mother vote? I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me. “You have to decide for yourself,” … Continue reading

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More Bloody Days and Other Craziness

Here is what I know today. First, I need wound care. This surgical incision–still bleeding after two weeks–isn’t healing properly. I’m looking forward to getting that out of the way. After this wound clears up, my future holds a few more medical adventures. I’ll be tested for Marfan Syndrome. I’ve been suspected before of having … Continue reading