Transition Madness
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Transition Madness

Today I finished chemo. One surgery remains. The toxins will leave my body, my hair will grow back, and I’ll get to call myself a survivor. But aren’t we all survivors if we make it to another day? I don’t know, but I find survivor a strange thing to call myself. Many people are kind … Continue reading

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Validation, Validation, Validation

October begins! This is the month my novel, The Blue Jar, enters the world as an e-book. At some point, the book may appear in paper form as well. And what writer doesn’t dream of holding her book in her hand? I try to be realistic, but I am a writer and an artist. I … Continue reading

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Must. Be. Meaningful.

I’ve started several blog posts that I haven’t finished. Percocet took over and I couldn’t think. And everything I write seems ridiculous. Trite. Meaningless. I don’t have anything to add to the cancer narrative. I can’t add any original observations. I’ve started reading two breast cancer memoirs. I finished the first chapter of one of … Continue reading

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Resistance isn’t always futile. Sometimes it stops progress for years.

I’ve been ignoring my blog. Maybe I mean neglecting. I’m supposed to be figuring a website for my art and all that. People ask me, “Do you have a website?” I feel most failure-esque to say, “I have a blog.” I mean, you can’t sell art on this thing. Sure, someone could leave me a … Continue reading