My Story Unicorn
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My Story Unicorn

How do you think a unicorn starts its day? As a kid, I wanted to be a unicorn. Sometimes I would wish to turn into one. Ah, childhood. I don’t suppose I can be a unicorn and a writer. Unicorns can’t type. As far as I know. Tomorrow will be a year since my surgery. … Continue reading

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Write. Write some more. Then keep writing.

Okay, maybe in that picture I’m just typing an email. It’s hard to say for sure. But my husband took that picture around the time I started my novel–in the year 2000 or 2001. And that’s the laptop I started writing it on (RIP first laptop) and the desk I was sitting at. I certainly … Continue reading

Moms, Dreams, and Stupid Questions
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Moms, Dreams, and Stupid Questions

My mother drew the unicorn. I can’t draw like her. I’ve always wanted to, but have yet to manage it. Do you compare yourself to your parents? Is there something either on of them did that you wish you could do? My mother started to write a novel. She had only a few chapters written … Continue reading

Launching Dreams and Other Madcap Schemes
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Launching Dreams and Other Madcap Schemes

My novel launched today! (Here at Amazon.) Since the story is set in the summer of 1985, I’ve been thinking back to those high school days. What were you like in high school? I wasn’t popular. I liked to be in the art room with a sketch pad or a book. The drawing posted here … Continue reading

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Counting Down…

October promises many things. Let’s hope October keeps such promises. The first Friday of October will be my last day of chemo. Thank the stars. I’ve had fewer side-effects than many. I’m lucky. This has been week ten of Taxel. The nurse told me that the 10th week is the most common week for neuropathy … Continue reading

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Books, Dogs, and Wild Hopes

I’m so proud and excited of the children’s books my publisher has written and I’ve illustrated. See! They books are here at Plum Tree Books. Plum Tree also published cards with my art! If you know anyone (or school, organization, and such) that might like unique children’s books, please help us spread the word. And … Continue reading