Writer’s Crash

I stepped into my closet tonight and my brain just locked up. It said, “No.” I clicked on my fiction blog and again, “No.” But I can’t quite bring myself to listen so here I am. But I realized that I’ve been writing every night for at least fifteen nights–some of those nights creating art … Continue reading


Writer’s Rant

When someone tells me they want to write a novel, but…well, my kind, supportive side wants to hand them a book on writing, to clap and cheer them on, and to believe them. Yes! Go! You can! And then my evil side just wants to roll my eyes and say, “Then sit your butt in … Continue reading


The Red Shoes

I stay up too late, drink too much coffee, avoid grading papers, put off housework and phone calls, and who knows what else just to sit and write or draw, and while I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with that (would it be so terrible die in a messy apartment, tired and caffinated … Continue reading


A Closet of One’s Own!

Who would’ve thought I could be grateful for broken appliances? The washing machine and dryer broke, and instead of reparing or replacing them, we put them out on the street. This means, of course, that I will be quarter obsessed to feed the machines of the shared apartment complex laundry room, but it also means … Continue reading


What a Writer Owes

First, I just want to note that this is not inspired by the Sopranos ending. I never watched the show and have no opinion about the conclusion. This is inspired by a lively and interesting conversation I had this evening with a writer friend. That said, I am struggling with the question of what kind … Continue reading


Writers Don’t Make the Best Friends

Plenty of parent-writers out there talk about the struggle of balancing parenthood and writing, and much of what they have to say is true. But it’s my friendships I neglect. My child is here in my house demanding attention. My friends are far away and too busy themselves to point out that I haven’t called … Continue reading

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The Writing Crush

That’s what good writing feels like–that delicious crush calling and wanting to see you, that rush to tell your friends about what your object of desire said or did, that lovely oh-he-kissed-me moment. Silly to admit to, I suppose, but when I believe (rightly or wrongly–just like rightly or wrongly choosing the guy) that my … Continue reading