You Can Do It Too!

"Free your mind, and the rest will follow..." (What song is that from? I can't remember.) Anyway, NaNoWriMo is almost here and I'm so excited! If you really want to write a novel and you think you can't (or you have some other excuse), then do this. It can change everything if you let it.

Thinking Out Loud (and writing that way too)

What is missing from the writing? Something isn't right. I feel like I've climbed over plenty of walls to get to this place--writing everyday, spending time with other writers, creating a writing space, even feeling like a writer (whatever that means exactly). But I still feel something isn't right, and I don't mean publication (though …

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Things Go Wrong

So, the other morning I'm scrabbling along in my usual rushed way when I open the door to my tiny studio/office closet and find water dripping steadily from my upstairs neighbor. And I did that doubletake that I always do when I believe for the briefest of seconds that another reality is there if I …

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Happy Birthday to Me and My Expectations

I love my birthday. Make no mistake, I don't mind telling people my age or finding gray hair. But there is something about special dates--birthdays, New Year's Day, anniversaries, weddings, whatever special day you choose--that lends itself to milemarkers and expectations. Ten years on and I'm still working the same job. Hey, I like my …

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