The Amazing List

I've got this amazing list of things I can do to avoid writing the last chapter of this novel.  The first thing on the list is write this post.  The next thing is pick up a tag and run with it.  The third thing is make...  Oh, hell. There's nothing amazing about procrastination or avoidance.

not self-obsessed every minute of the day

The writing life often becomes the self-involved life. Writers spend lots of time alone in their own heads and awash in insecurity. Writers keep everything they scribble on, every conversation they overhear, every interesting bit they observe--they keep everything that serves the writing and disregard the rest. I for one have ignored my family, my …

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Under the Influence

I have a no-kid-pics rule, but this says too much for me to keep my mouth shut.  No, he isn't playing a computer game.  It's worse.  He's imitating me.  And every few key strokes, he says, "Look, Mom.  Look how many lines!  How many lines do you have?"