Exhausted and Dreaming

Sharing is exhausting. Sending your child to kindergarten is exhausting. Starting another semester teaching is exhausting. Working on art for a show is exhausting. Rewriting a story is exhausting. I'm tired. For tonight--goodnight and sweet dreams.

The Tough Girl

"This came for you," my mom said. The letter was from my step-sister. It arrived a few days after my father got our address. I hadn't seen N. in months. The letter wasn't very long, and I remember only one sentence. How could you leave me in this house with her? My 13-year-old step-sister talked …

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Kisses and Irony

"I thought we should talk about seeing other people," I said. We were sitting on the sofa. My boyfriend, the aggressive one who'd found me at JC Penney three months before, was leaning against the armrest his legs stretched out in front of him. I sat facing him, perched on the other armrest my elbows …

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Hidden Keys

"She wants the key," my step-sister said. We were both now in the 6th grade. It was a weekend and I'd come to spend the night. This time, when my step-mother left, she kept N. in school, and so I learned where they were if not why they were there. N. wanted to stay friends …

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