I was here.

Well, I was at this festival selling art, but I missed this (because my booth was so far away). Anyway, I love these people. When I've recovered from the crazy exhaustion of festival madness, I might have something to say. For now, though, just dance.

Do you hunger for reality?

Writers, go read this interview with David Shields about his book Reality Hunger: A Manifesto and let me know what you think. If you prefer, watch his interview with Stephen Colbert. Has the novel died on you?

My Purpose

Her hand clenches and unclenches near her chest. She pulls hair back behind her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Marta. I can not take the test." My bag is heavy. My hands are full. "Oh? Okay." "I'm sorry. You know, yes? I've got an appointment. It is my back." She frowns. "Test is Wednesday, yes?" It is …

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