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Hug me! I’m a blog post!

Have you started laughing and been unable to stop? Most likely this has happened when you weren’t supposed to laugh at all. Years ago, I went with friends to Steve Martin’s film LA Story. In one scene, Martin’s character, Harris, stops to talk to one of those highway signs that light up and give drivers … Continue reading

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High School, Facebook, and Who the Hell Am I Anyway?

Former high school friends find me on facebook. This happens to everyone who ventures onto fb-land. Maybe this makes you happy. Most of the people who “friend” me, are nice people. They never did me any particular harm back in school. In some ways, catching up on their lives is good. But here is the … Continue reading

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To Write or Not Write That Sex Scene

Why not fade to black and leave it all to the imagination? The reader’s imagination is a great thing and shouldn’t be underestimated. The comments on yesterday’s post made me think about several issues when deciding whether or not to write a sex scene. I’m no expert at writing such things, so this is mostly … Continue reading