The Feminine in the Sky

A smart and talented woman I know wrote this book: The Coming of the Feminine Christ. (Which due to some technical difficulties, I've had to unlink to.) This is not a review; I haven't read the book yet. And this is not about your religion; I don't need to know (and let's not ruin a …

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Navigating New Seas

In case you have somehow escaped me telling you, I have found a publisher. This press is small and new and in the UK. Since it was a UK literary journal that published my first short story and the BBC is my favorite channel, a British publisher makes sense really. Don't you think? The name …

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The Butterfly Effect and Dreams

At 17 I put away my dream to be an artist. Art turned from dream to hobby. Sometimes people mistook me for an artist--usually because I wore a scarf or long earrings or too many bracelets. I don't know. What do people mean when they say, "You look like an artist." I figured they meant, …

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Keep your mouth shut.

Do you argue with people online who you've never met? If you do, are those arguments mud-fests with names flying? If not, why not? Most people I know who are on facebook have at least one I-shouldn't-have-made-that-comment experience. If not that, then a I-can't-believe-X-left that-comment experience. Haven't you? If you decide to pick a fight …

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Writing for Art–It’s a Win, Win, Win

I've moved. I've organized (sort of). I've got art. Art needs a home. Over at my art blog, I've started a contest. You write something inspired by my art, and maybe you just win the piece that inspired you. Well? So, go to Words Are Art because, hey, they are.

What a tender world that would be.

In the BBC's Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes does have a heart to burn. Though you couldn't blame most people from thinking otherwise. But the episode A Scandal in Belgravia has a moment--a slight moment--of tenderness. Sherlock comes home to 221B Baker Street to find Mrs. Hudson held by hired thugs. It's obvious she's been dragged and …

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Just Give Me My Poisoned Apple Already

I wouldn't literally eat a poisoned apple, but metaphorically I think I already have. The evil queen in disguise is my own psyche, and the apple is seeds of doubt fleshed out with insecurity, neurosis, and fear. Hard to believe anyone takes a bite of that. How long has it been since an agent asked …

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