Bunny’s in a Hospital Gown

I draw when I'm in waiting rooms. These days I'm drawing adventures in the medical wonderland. I'm sure some of you know the vocabulary that I'm just now learning. Post surgery life does not sound like fun. I don't like sentences that contain words like drains, valves, and special shirts. Not sparkly unicorn special. Good-for-incisions-and-drains …

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Between a Shrug and a Radio Interview

A while I wrote about my health. Talking about my health makes me feel that much older. Does that make sense? Anyway. The updates--for those of you aging along with me--are as follows: The incision from surgery is still healing. 92% closed according to the computer. Fancy stuff computers tell us these days. Imagine what …

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I’m traveling back in blog post time.

Marta Pelrine-Bacon

After reading a post by a friend, I thought about the question of when I knew I wanted to be a writer. I realized I don’t know the answer.

I remember writing a short story in the fifth grade. I remember writing poems for my grandmother when I was eight. I remember reading everything interesting in the kids section of the public library by the time I was ten and asking my grandmother to check books out for me from the adult section. She would check out anything I wanted. I was allowed to read anything. I remember ignoring teachers and classwork to read books hidden under my desk and navigating the school hallways without looking up from my book. I remember books I would finish and immediately go back to the beginning to read again because I couldn’t stand for the story to end.

When I was little…

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