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Where’s my cancer patient action figure?

I know this ridiculous, but what if the Doctor's companion was a cancer patient. She could run around between chemo treatments and lose her hair. I don't know. It's crazy, but maybe it would be nice to see patients with certain illnesses on film out in the world doing things. And by doing things I …

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bunnies in light

This Solstice

Today was the summer solstice. A year ago today, we had our housewarming party to celebrate moving into our very first house. A week from today I'll have my fourth chemo treatment (12 more to go after that). Before I'm done with chemo, I'll have another book out that I've illustrated. Soon after I finish …

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The Bees Are Disappearing!

Whenever someone mentions bees, I want to shout, "The bees are disappearing!" If you're a Doctor Who fan, you'll understand. But the point now is that I'm illustrating a children's book about bees. I've never drawn bees before, so this is a challenge. This might sound crazy, but most of the time, I don't actually …

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Special Feature: Marta Pelrine Bacon

4x4 Project 9

My publisher wrote about my work and the path that brought me here. Comment, share, whatever might help us make our work a success.

Niamh Clune

I first met Marta on FaceBook when she joined my Plum Tree Books group. Immediately, I was stunned by the quality of her art ~ so full of whimsy and understatement, a natural sense of design and quirk. I asked her if she would draw the Plum Tree Books logo. We haven’t looked back since.

When I decided to venture into the world of children’s books, Marta was my fist choice of illustrator. I particularly love her black and white minimalist art with its defined edges, swirls and twirls and suggestions of other worlds being just beneath the surface. More of that on tomorrow’s blog. Today, I want to tell you about Marta ~ writer of modern fairy tales (I will be publishing her first novel in October), and artist extraordinaire.

Marta lives in Texas but grew up in Florida. It seems that Marta’s father might also have been a spinner…

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Sadness and Other Good Things

When I was an infant, my grandmother (pictured over there) would put a blanket on the floor for my naps. Her German Shepherd puppy, Jill (also pictured), would curl up around me and nap too. At the time, my mother was depressed and suicidal. Perhaps she wasn't the best mother those early days, but eventually …

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