Moms, Dreams, and Stupid Questions

My mother drew the unicorn. I can't draw like her. I've always wanted to, but have yet to manage it. Do you compare yourself to your parents? Is there something either on of them did that you wish you could do? My mother started to write a novel. She had only a few chapters written …

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Music, Dance, and Storytelling

When I write, I sometimes listen to music. The music fits either the mood of the story or the personality of the characters. The other day, I had the chance to collaborate on a music show with London DJ Claudio Fiore and with my publisher, Plum Tree Books, that tells the story of the music …

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Launching Dreams and Other Madcap Schemes

My novel launched today! (Here at Amazon.) Since the story is set in the summer of 1985, I've been thinking back to those high school days. What were you like in high school? I wasn't popular. I liked to be in the art room with a sketch pad or a book. The drawing posted here …

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Press Release! The First Bite Of Bacon!

My publisher has put heart and soul into making this a reality. My book will soon be out in the world. Whew.

Niamh Clune

the blue jar

“The Blue Jar, Marta Pelrine Bacon’s debut novel will be released to the world on October 12th as an e-book and published by Plum Tree Books. Fans of the quirky and off-beat will love this atmospheric, psychological tale of revenge and obsession with its unexpected twists and turns. Lake Belle, reminiscent of Twin Peaks set in the deep American South, provides the atmospheric setting for this thrilling psycho-drama with its underlying theme of weird justice.  Is it magic? Or is something else at work?

Marta says, “I grew up on a long stretch of road in central Florida. My house faced a lake big enough to have an island in the middle. Florida was a perfect place to develop my interest in sharp objects and shadowy places. That’s why I write stories with odd twists, turns and edges.”

Perhaps Marta’s background explains why her characters are edgy and well-drawn. Her…

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What are the ’80s anyway?

Every decade has its personality, right? Although it's tricky because it isn't as if everything changes on January 1st of that zero year. When exactly did the '80s become THE '80s? What historical events mark the period? The election of Reagan perhaps? The beginning of MTV? I graduated in 1986, the year Ferris Bueller skipped …

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Transition Madness

Today I finished chemo. One surgery remains. The toxins will leave my body, my hair will grow back, and I'll get to call myself a survivor. But aren't we all survivors if we make it to another day? I don't know, but I find survivor a strange thing to call myself. Many people are kind …

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