The Blue Jar by Marta Pelrine-Bacon

A lovely write-up someone did for me. Nothing like having something you’ve created reach someone else.

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The Blue Jar

by Marta Pelrine-Bacon

Review Written by Jennifer Kiley

Illustrated by j. kiley

Posted On Thursday 14th November 2013

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A thoroughly intriguing, psychological & mystical thriller. Like the author Marta Pelrine-Bacon of “The Blue Jar,” I, also, am an addicted fan of the cult TV series “Twin Peaks.”

Special Agent Dale Cooper & what happened to Laura Palmer? have been viewed by me more times than the number of cups of ‘a damned fine cup of coffee’ & pieces of ‘cherry pie’ Agent Cooper has consumed.

tps mug damn fine cup of coffee & cherry pie

And like Twin Peaks, LAKE BELLE is as quirky a place to visit, with all its eccentricities to keep you enthralled. The reader is continually surprised at just what happens next. “The Blue Jar” is a “Twin Peaks” in words.

welcome lake belle

I feel David Lynch, the Director, Writer, Creator of Twins Peaks would find it a very creative book…

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Over at my friend’s place…

My friend and amazing author, Ami McKay, interviewed me and did a nice write-up of my novel, The Blue Jar. She included a favorite photo of mine--us with Santa Claus and I'm wearing my "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" tee-shirt. If you can, go over there, read, and comment. Maybe share. I've known Ami since we …

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