I love Story-a-Day, and it has become (to my great surprise) a major part of my writing life. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a challenge every May (and now September) to write a story every single day for that month. Go to the site to see for yourself: here. It doesn’t matter if you think you can write a complete story every day. Good heavens! No one expects polished, brilliant gems. It’s the inspiration and the challenge and the community. The community is the best thing. I’ve connected with several other writers through the challenge, and I can’t sing its praises enough.

Recently, I contributed a writing prompt too. Give it a try here.

The first few times I did Story-a-Day, I picked a theme. The first year, I wrote fairytales. Sometimes I took a famous fairytale and rewrote it or I took a famous fairytale item (like apples) and write a story around that. One of which was published here. The next year, I wrote dark and twisted love stories, and one of those ended up published here. (I was pleased with the photo they chose to illustrate it.)

Other years I’ve used Story-a-Day to write backstory for a novel. I’d write a scene or a character sketch. I wrote scenes that will never be in the book, but which helped me better understand my characters. Another year, I used the prompts Julie (Story-a-Day founder and amazing person) provides. That gave me the two stories I’m currently sharing on my site, Not Your Breakfast Club and Saving David Bowie. They’ve also given a couple of flash fiction pieces that have been published as well.

As you can see, Story-a-Day has given me tons of writing practice and pieces to publish. Another published story that came from Story-a-Day was at The Enchanted Conversation, which is now defunct, apparently. (Such are the hazards of online publication.) So, if you’re looking to kickstart your writing, definitely give it a try.

I’ll probably be there. Say hello.