Newsletter Stories in Audio

In June of 2021, I made the first recording of my newsletter, and here is the latest edition. Production values are low (as in I don’t have money for anything fancy, so this is the free voice recorder on my desktop), but at least now you can listen. Links and art in the newsletter are also below. Thanks for being here!

The Glare of the Solstice, June 2022 Newsletter’s audio, images, and links.


about the solstice

The English Heritage channel

Part One of Astrophilia

Everything Everywhere All at Once trailer

blog post

photo of David Lynch

Mr Cadmus by Peter Ackroyd

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas



Undone on Amazon Prime

On the Media


The Whippet and Cafe Anne

Ko-Fi–buy the writer a coffee!

The Winter Solstice in the World’s Northern Half, DEC 2021 Newsletter’s images and links

Typewriter Tarot: Mystic Messages

Witchcraft published by TASCHEN

The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker

Medusa’s Daughters, ed. by Theodora Goss



Everything Everywhere All at Once

The House

Luna Parc

the rainbow farmhouse

tiny home with hobbit door

Laurie Anderson Norton Lecture Series

O Superman


Thank you and Happy Solstice

The Joys of Halloween, 2021 Newsletter
My Etsy Shop

Other links mentioned in the newsletter:

The Witches of New York by Ami McKay

What Is a Witch by Pam Grossman (and Pam Grossman’s podcast)

Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America by Francis Denny

American Scream (a documentary)

June 2021 Newsletter
Image used in the June 2021 newsletter.

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