Cool Places

“Look, Bun. Mum’s writing a story too.” “You think she’ll let us read it, Din?” “Course she will, Bun. Course.”

One of my favorite blogs (especially the Friday posts with pitch-perfect poems and quotes and other magical finds) is by a gentleman who is always Running After His Hat.

If you want to know what it’s like to be a Vampire in this modern age, read Vampire Maman.

This book, The Truth about Unicorns by Bonnie Jones Reynolds, may be why I write the way I do.

If you’re a writer, I recommend Writer Unboxed. Great stuff for any writer at any point in her career.

My first published fairy tale was at a lovely fairy tale journal, Cabinet des Fees.

An NPR blog once accepted a short write-up of mine about my love for Dorothy Gale of Oz.

A flash fiction online journal has one of my stories too: 50 to 1.

A terrific blog for children’s book writers and illustrators is 7 Impossible Things before Breakfast. They did a story on my art a while back. But you should check them out for their own sake. Wonderful finds.

My friend and author, Ami McKay, interviewed me for my book release. We’ve been friends since our freshman year in college, and she has two awesome books out you should read, The Virgin Cure, The Birth House, and The Witches of New York.

Also, I’ve got art for sale on ArtPal. I’ll be adding more work in August.

You can buy my novel, The Blue Jar, on Amazon. And an anthology on Amazon too.

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