The Next Book


What’s on the horizon?

I’m not sure which manuscript my publisher may decide to run with next. Well, if my publisher decides to run with anything. I have several manuscripts in various stages of doneness though nothing is ever done because I can rewrite until the planet runs out of ink.

I’ve two manuscripts close to finished. I’ve been going back and forth. One (which if you were to follow the books in order of years in which they take place would be next) is called Drowning Karma. It starts with a nine-year-old girl who comes to own a magic paint brush. She points it at a house and the house transforms. There are repercussions.

The next book I was calling The Labyrinth House. I think I’m going to change the title because I shared a rough draft of it with people a few years ago, and now it is such a different story, I want those first readers to give the final draft another look. I could switch back to the original title Sunlight and Mercie. It is also more fantastical than The Blue Jar. I let the characters lose in a house where the walls and rooms move and change and mysterious characters live within. The story is inspired by the myth of Persephone in the Underworld.

We’ll see what happens.

5 thoughts on “The Next Book

      • Your book has the perfect title. It is just curious I wrote The Bell Jar. I have to admit I have been thinking of buying another copy of it. Mine is long lost in the many moves since college days. I read it so long ago but have returned interest in Sylvia Plath. Not that I ever lost interest. But since my blog, I have been reading a great deal more in poetry and literary personal writings of authors & poets. Anais Nin & Virginia Woolf have attracted me the most plus Sylvia. Edgar Allan Poe & many other male writers & poets have attracted my attention. I am digging into Anais Nin the most. I plan I working my way through her diaries, pulling out the best passages & featuring them on “the secret keeper.” She writes the most insightful thoughts and feelings. They are poetic & touch deep into one’s soul.

        “The Blue Jar” is the absolute most perfect title for your book. After reading your book, it is so understandable the choice you made. The image of the blue jar on the cover is so perfect. The sound of the marbles on the wood floor and cascading so noisily down the steps of the stairs is so perfect and propels tension so well. There is so much in your book, I remember so well. And I must tell you I have short term memory problems. Yet, I remember your book so well. It amazes me how I am able to recall you book so perfectly for me. That is how ingrained it is in my memory. It tells what a compelling book you have written. Once it is published, I intend to get my Kindle copy & read it again to just fully absorb myself in the story. Your characters are developed so well, I feel like I sense the depth of their very nature. You have a gift, Marta. Just keep truckin’. Jk 😎

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