The Blue Jar: a debut novel

The Second Edition Cover of My Novel

I started The Blue Jar when I was 30. I was 44 when it was published. The manuscript stayed unlooked at for months at a time. I finished it. I rewrote it. I finished it. I rewrote it. It had a massively different ending in an attempt to include all the characters. I finally simplified that.

What is it about? It’s still about two teenage girls experiencing a dark and troubled summer in 1985 in a small Florida town. The town is loosely based on my own hometown. Very loosely. I have the town in ind, but I change things to suit me (like I never could in real life!), and nothing in the story is autobiographical.

In the novel, the girls end up at The Red Moon, a place down the highway that purports to read your palm and your Tarot cards. When I was growing up, I was fascinated by a house at the edge of town that had a huge sign in front of it advertising palm reading. The sign had a red hand palm facing forward.

At some point, my mother told me that the place was really a house of prostitution. She wasn’t sure it was true, but she thought it likely.

I don’t know why this stuck in my head, but I wondered about the house and the people it in and what was true about them. I had that fortune-telling house in mind when I wrote about The Red Moon.

One thing I love about writing is being able to imagine what places might have been.

novel cover
The original cover of my novel.

4 thoughts on “The Blue Jar: a debut novel

  1. Brianna Soloski

    Congratulations on your debut! My debut is going on being worked on since 2010 (November will be three years) and it’s still not published. My writing actually landed itself on the way back burner in favor of grad school, so it may not get published for many more years. If you’ll be looking for reviewers, let me know. I’d be happy to read and review.

  2. Sophie

    Incredibly proud of and happy for you. I’m also looking forward to watching your fan base grow and having others who share my fascination with red lipstick. Yup, I said fascinated. When I see someone wearing red lipstick I wonder what lies s/he has told with those lips. (Women are not the only ones who wear red lipstick – one can’t forget Drag queens and rock stars. 🙂 )

    1. You make me happy when you come by, Sophie. It’s weird to think I could ever have a fan base, but if I put my work out there, I do hope the fan base grows. Although that still feels weird.

      And so glad you remember the lipstick!

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