A Closet of One’s Own!

Who would’ve thought I could be grateful for broken appliances? The washing machine and dryer broke, and instead of reparing or replacing them, we put them out on the street. This means, of course, that I will be quarter obsessed to feed the machines of the shared apartment complex laundry room, but it also means I have an office! (dancing here)

We’ve cleaned out the space, wiped away the spilled detergent, mopped up the floor, put down the rug, pinned up the art (created and pinned by my incredible child), hung a picture over the washer hookups, and–ta-da!–a space of my own with a door and everything. Will the art and writing be better? Ha. But it will be left out in a space unshared.

Oh, I shall be delirious for days. (more dancing)

5 thoughts on “A Closet of One’s Own!

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