notes to myself

Keeping a plot in order is no easy task. Not for me anyway. So I need to make notes to remind myself of things–like, how long should it take Paul to decide to ask Valerie to marry him? Gotta have something go wrong, of course–what could it be? Someone from somebody’s past is the most obvious. But who? Neither of them have jobs that would take them away, but she does make a lot more money than he does, which might cause conflict.

Perhaps a crazy family member? An argument about…a drunken fling? hmmm. Too much melodrama? Not enough drama? The problem with writing Paul is that he isn’t a gush or share his life kind of person, so how much could he possibly blog about? He gets chatty once in a while, but it’s hard to judge when.

I think Mercie will have a string of bad dates. That would definitely be fun to write. Linnie and Tim are doomed, of course, but they’re too young to settle down anyway. Maybe there should be a new employee to change the mix?

Well, Mercie is also doing art every day. eeek.

I’m either inspired or obsessed. Ha. Those qualities probably need each other.

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