Running Away

Writing a blog in real time and writing a novel (what? in fake time?) is messing with my head. I feel like that guy in Stranger than Fiction when the psychiatrist tells him he has schizophrenia and he keeps telling her he doesn’t. Oh the voices! But of course I’m the narrator and sometimes I do kill one of the voices (and no character has hunted me down and begged me not to).

Anyway, in almost any situation I find I can create a dialogue inside my head for one of my characters–even if I know that character is never going to be in a similar situation. Once in a while I toy with the idea of creating dialogue for myself, but for some crazy reason, real people won’t cooperate. They insist on saying what they want instead of the clever lines I’ve imagined for them.

writer running away from characters

4 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. Oh my God…my situation is so similar to yours! I just started my novel a few days back. On top of which i can’t stay away from my blog. On top of which I have to read for I am a student of English Literature. On top of which I have to practise, which is seriously suffering, for my main ambition is to be a violinist!

  2. mapelba

    I haven’t read JPod but I’ve heard good things about it. God knows I don’t need an even longer stack of books to read, oh well. If I must read more, I must.

    And to narziss–blogging, I’ve discovered, is addictive! Watch out. I was an English Lit major and understand the amount of reading you have to do, which is why I didn’t start writing novels until I finished school. Choosing is hard. If however you want to pursue a novel, consider doing NaNoWriMo this year. It will get you motivated. (If you don’t know NaNo, check out the link on the side of this thing.

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