One Blog Too Far

I had this foolish idea, you see, about the belle weather blog. So the lake belle blog is written by several different people, and it was easy to set up because blogger allows for multiple authors on one blog. All I had to do was create an email account for each character I wanted and–ta-dah!–a group blog.

I thought it might be interesting (for me anyway) to have some guests bloggers at the belle weather (nevermind now who) and I tried to set that blog up for multiple users. But no. WordPress only allows contributers who already have wordpress blogs. This would mean creating yet another blog, just to add more stories to the belle weather. Another blog?!

No. That’s just one blog too far. For several reasons I like wordpress over blogger–but not in this case. Should anyone out there happen to know a way around this, I’d appreciate it.

Postscript: I have discovered that blogging is addictive (who knew?) and that I’ve actually entertained going along with this one-more-blog idea. I mean, I know exactly what it could be…But no! No, no, no. Four is TOO much. It’s bad luck (well, in Korea). It’s insanity (in my head).

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