…and your most promising partner is?

Here’s the task–figure what kind of writer to be. Not just whether to be a good writer or a brilliant writer (as if I could shoot for one of those adjectives and hit the target) or whether to go pulp, trade, or vanity press.

Too many choices dance in my head (pure pain for a Libra like me–ha!) to choose my partner easily. (Can I use the bow and arrow image and the dancing one in the same post? Maybe. Love does.) Fantasy? Hmmm…not the garden-unicorn variety. Realism? No. Can’t hack reality. That’s why I write in the first place. Romance, mystery, science-fiction? No. No ideas for any of those (not mention I like broken-hearts and unsolvable deaths too much). Literary fiction. Yeah, maybe if I could figure what that meant. Usually it means realism and lots of logical brain matter. So probably not. Magical realism is the most promising dance partner of the lot…

…and your most promising partner is?

No writer should stick her work on one genre shelf and keep it there. The marketing department may prefer it, but why work hard to please people you don’t have to live or sleep with? But every writer should consider how he writes–oh, you know, that thing called voice. Or is it style? Or am I rambling?

6 thoughts on “…and your most promising partner is?

  1. As you know, I often have problems with this. I have a high fantasy, a sci-fi, a lit fic, and goodness knows what else in my manuscript drawer. I probably have a voice, or a style, or something, but isn’t it so hard to identify your own? I really think that this is one of those things that other people have much better perspective on than you do on your own. I intend to ask you about my voice. Or style. Whatever.

  2. I struggle with this too.
    I write memoir mostly and some creative non-fiction/essays on cancer and birth and feminism, ect. . .
    But what about the novel I have inside me?
    Or what about the poetry I can’t write but feel in my body?
    And then what about book on death and dying and how we grieve that’s been swimming through my head at the oddest times and hours.
    I think I do have a voice, style, at least others have told me I do and I do feel myself coming into it more and more.
    But I don’t know how to limit myself to WHAT I write.

  3. SBW, I like the storyteller description. Although I tend to think of storyteller as someone who tells a story, but doesn’t write one. I doubt this definition is accurate, but it is lodged in my head. Perhaps I can unlodge it and make everything clearer?

    Isabel, whatever you do, don’t limit what you write. Your voice comes through no matter the genre or the label.

    And to mommazen, ha-ha…I may have to steal that.

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