The Next Thrill

The thrill of hitting 50k has not worn off. To be honest, the thrill of 50k from previous years has not worn off. I cherish my little successes and I love every story. Maybe this is wildly egomaniacal, but I really do love every novel I’ve written no matter what shape it’s in. My love has nothing to do with how good they are.

But my head spins with ideas and lunacy for what comes next. I’ve challenged a friend to have a NaNo novel finished (as in rewritten and polished) by Halloween 2008. But I’ve got more than one novel to work on and I’m going to see each of them through to their endings.

And there are the blogs. Blogging has been unexpectedly rewarding and fun, but I’m not sure what I want from them exactly or what they should be doing. The fiction blog of lake belle needs a change, I think. What to do? Keeping characters alive in real time is a great challenge and exhausting. These characters don’t have story lines, climaxes, and resolutions. No. They have sprawling lives that go on and on. How sustainable is it? Having characters from my novel blogging about their lives and experiences in the NaNoWriMo novel just gets complicated.

I’ve toyed with the idea of short stories…maybe novel chapters changed a bit or old stories brought out, reworked, and posted. But why? And where? A more truly story-type blog? One thing I’d like to do is have someone illustrate the lake belle blog in a comic book/graphic novel sort of way. But that seems a bit on the mad dream side of things.

Before I forget, of course, I’ve got to work out the end of this novel…

…too many ideas–not enough caffeine.

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