Seven Random Things

Over at Matt’s blog I said I’d do this meme thing–seven random things about me for what they’re worth.

1. My great-aunt accused me of being sexist when I was eight for writing a poem about the sun and making the sun male. 2. With a tape recorder I taped The Wizard of Oz from the TV and for weeks I fell asleep while playing the recording under my covers. 3. I wrote my first “book” in the 7th grade. It was about cute little space blobs. 4. I skipped school twice my senior year. One day to go to the Sidewalk Art Show in Winter Park, Florida. Another day to stay at my mom’s apartment and write a short story for English class. The story was supposed to be ten pages–I wrote 24 pages and still it wasn’t finished. 5. At 14 two other girls and I published a newletter about horses. We had subscribers from different states, but eventually homework and chores got in the way. 6. When I read my work in public I go temporarily blind. 7. In the 9th grade a man in a pale blue suit followed me to library one day after school and though that was the end of it, I stopped going to the library after that–even though I used to go once a week or more. I’ve never gotten back in the habit.

Whew. Seven. Now you do it.

4 thoughts on “Seven Random Things

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  2. LOL’d at #1.

    So all but one of your seven things are about books and writing, and even the Wizard of Oz started as a book. Did you do that on purpose, or does that say something about your neural pathways?

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