Loony and Addicted

Some ideas you talk about with your friends and family; some you don’t. Some of us ask for suggestions and opinions because we want the person to agree with us and tell us we’re right. Actual suggestions and opinions are not desired unless they’re cheering us on.

Anyway, I’ve been writing the lake belle blog and the belle weather blog in the voices of characters from my books and stories. Okay, great, and wonderful–I’m happy with them even though they exhaust me and I don’t know if they work. But it’s the writing in first person all the time that is killing me. I long for a narrator, that voice to look over the scene and reveal more. So I’ve got another experiment, and if it fails, so what? I’ll simply hit the delete key, drink more coffee, and move on to something else (and maybe hope no one remembers).

Yes, I’m a lunatic and an addict, but I’ve created a fourth (yes, fourth) blog that is, thank the writing gods and goddesses, written in the third person–The Red Moon. To start there is an excerpt from the current NaNoWriMo novel posted (not the same excerpt on my NaNo profile), and I’ve got a couple short descriptions of characters. My goal (for what it’s worth) is to create a full world, something akin to an alternative universe, I suppose (but without the hobbits). All the blogs will be related, connected, and overlapped–and who knows what will happen next…(aside from me pulling my hair out and my husband thinking I’ve gone too far).

5 thoughts on “Loony and Addicted

  1. You are so incredibly cool.
    I always wanted to create my own universe. I love that you are doing just this, bringing to life your vision and connecting the pieces.

  2. And I thought I was crazy – writing daily on three blogs.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret – don’t tell my family – I am planning to start a fourth one soon. Aaaaaah.

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