the nutcase look

If you tell people you have four blogs, they will look at you as if perhaps they should be talking to someone else. You know the oh-my-god-i’m-talking-to-a-nutcase look. Well, just for the record, I’d like to say that I don’t really see it as four separate blogs. I see it as one blog won’t do everything I want it to do so I’ve had to improvise. That, and I like picking templates.

5 thoughts on “the nutcase look

  1. Well, you could say I’ve got four blogs too, if you count my podcast and book journal. Plus, I have a private blog for my family, which is about my son. I don’t update everyday, however. Hopefully after the holidays I’ll have more time. I love your idea of your blogs. I think it’s very creative!

    I think some people think I’m a nutcase just by keeping a website on myself! ha!

  2. Yes, Tonoose, you should be committed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if straigh jackets come in much friendlier colors these days. Just think of all the free time you have to blog in an institution–assuming they’d let you near all those wires.

  3. This is interesting as I just “gave birth” to a second blog that was a sudden and unexpected outgrowth of my first. It’s about the “mental maps of the world” individual bloggers carry around in their heads. I’d love to get bloggers from all over to comment. You can get there from my main blog. Have a look, fellow writer. I’ll be exploring your blogs.

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