What is your excuse?

A bit of news from The Economist (August 4th 2007)–

The paintings of Htein Lin, a former Burnese dissident who has given up politics for art, serve as something of an antidote to the regime’s propaganda. ….Mr Htein Lin’s comrades were executed,,,[he] himself was tortured. …A military tribunal slung him in prison. ….Throughout all this upheaval, Mr. Htein Lin tried to keep painting. In the jungle he was reduced to sketching in the sand with sticks. [In prison] Brushes, paints and paper were not allowed. At first, he used his fingers to spread dye from the prison factory over empty food packets. Gradually, however, he discovered that the lungyis (sarongs) of the prisoners’ uniforms made the best canvases, while almost anything, from the lids of toothpaste tubes to the wheels of cigarette lighter could be used as brushes. Sometimes, he carved stencils out of bars of soap; at others…he applied his improvised paints with a syringe.

So, what is your excuse for not creating something today? What prison are you in? What tools do you think you don’t have? Go paint, go draw, go write that book. Go!

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