“I’m not a witch at all.”

Maybe you’ve heard that NPR has this nifty new series–In Character. You get to write a short essay about why a certain American character in fiction is important to you–and why that character should be important to the rest of us. If they like your piece, they’ll post your essay on the site, and if they really like it, they’ll do a radio segment on your choice.

I wrote about Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz, and if you love the idea of being whisked away as much as I do, please give it a read. They did, by the by, edited out a few lines, but such are the word count requirements. Shame though–it makes a few spots sound choppier to me. But I’m still pleased.

Oh, and if you do write something, let me know.

6 thoughts on ““I’m not a witch at all.”

  1. I just read it! 🙂 Fantastic. What you wrote is fun to read.

    You know what, I’ve never read the books in the Oz series. My eldest is now reading her first one. Maybe I’ll have to snatch it from her and read it myself.

    I haven’t heard of this In Character series. Thanks for mentioning it.

    And, again, congrats on having your essay selected. That ROCKS.

  2. SBW, I enjoy the books and the movie, but my only complaint about the movie is that Oz is a dream. In the books Oz is real. Granted, not all the books good–Baum did write a few to make money–but as a kid I loved each one.

    Of course, I not only hoped a hurricane would take me to Oz, I also hoped to find a magic country in the back of my closet. Oh well… Thanks for reading the piece.

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