The School Yard Is Full of Imaginary Friends

My ever-wonderful friend Kathryn memed me the other day (one of these day’s I’m going to master blog lingo) with Five Things in My Fridge. I was wondering what pictures I could take without looking like the dietary-challenged or a bad mother, when it hit me–my characters need a few memes tossed their way. Well, of course they do!

So here is me tagging my characters. Linnie and Mercie over in Lake Belle are going to show what’s in their fridge, and after that they are sure to tag The Belle Weather, too. And while I’m at it I’m going to send them every tag I’ve been smacked with, and we’ll see how much I actually know these people. Or how crazy I can make myself.

This reminds me of when I was six and would play with a school yard full of imaginary friends. Hey, why have one imaginary friend when you can have enough to play a good game of tag? I must have looked like a little idiot running from one imaginary friend to the next all the while screaming.

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