the sound of silence

The only thing worse than a sharing your work with your friends and having them hate it, is sharing your work with your friends and having them say nothing at all.    

8 thoughts on “the sound of silence

  1. I once handed a dear friend, a funny friend, a well-read and opinionated friend, a copy of a short story that I wrote and happened to like. I honestly wanted his feedback, suggestions, compliments, criticism. I left him alone a few minutes to read it, and he fell asleep before finishing the story.


    Personally, the circle of people I show my fiction to is tiny. It’s a circle of one. I share my writing with him and he shares with me. We give hearty feedback. Other than that, I don’t share.

    Fascinating to hear what others do.

  2. This is a great point … I’ve been sitting on a start of a novel for a former student of mine and she’s probably thinking the same thing! But, the truth is, I just haven’t sat down to read it. I need to tell her that. That’s better than not liking it, right? I”m worried that I will need to be harsh. I worry that I will not like it. I worry that I will kill her dream.

    I hate to be met with silence, period. For anything. Like writing a letter pouring out your heart and soul and then getting nothing in response.

  3. Been there. Done that. I would much rather get an honest “I don’t like it” than no response at all. I also tend to wonder if the person in question even bothered to read it, and which is worse? When you give something important to someone else to read, they should respond in a reasonable amount of time even if they need to say, “I haven’t had time to read it.” But then, of course, I think, “People do what they really want to do, so don’t say you’re going to read it, if you don’t want to.”

    I have learned that it’s best to share my work with other writers who also want feedback on their work.

  4. Oh, you’ve got to tell someone you haven’t had time to read something. I totally understand that…and also it depends on who it is. One person may not read it for whatever reason and that doesn’t bother me. But another might not read it and it will drive me crazy.

    SBW, falling asleep? Ouch, that does hurt, but some people need extraordinary and ridiculous amounts of entertainment to focus on anything. So, let’s blame it on the reader!

  5. Silence is hard – vulnerable. I think I’m trying to take it, when it comes, as a chance to practice not getting trainwrecked my my mind.

    I am so happy to have found my way over here – I’ve added a link on my blog list!

    xo Jena

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