it ain’t literary

Okay, I’ve decided (foolishly or not). I’m writing a modern, gothic, fairy tale. Hey, everything needs a label these days–you know it’s true. And people and agents tend to ask (if they get so far as to care) what kind of novel it is. Fantasy, mystery, erotica, romance, blah, blah, blah… Saying “literary” sounds lame. I mean, what does that mean? Literary? I don’t want to have to explain the difference between mainstream, genre, and literary fiction, because I only pretend to know and if I have to explain, I shall be found out.

It would be better if we just chucked out all those genres at the bookstore and threw all the books in together–make people see books they wouldn’t otherwise see and discover they can actually read things they didn’t know they could read.

But anyway, I need a label, and it ain’t literary anymore. World, meet modern, gothic fairy tale. Modern gothic fairy tale, meet world.

6 thoughts on “it ain’t literary

  1. My favourite record store is Waterloo, where everything’s just alphabetical by artist. I don’t have to try and figure out whether this particular store thinks that band is rock/pop or whether they have a special metal, jazz or whatever subsection that not all shops do.

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