The Rewrite Chronicles (notice a theme?)

Possible titles–from the not-too-bad to the ridiculous…

The Labyrinth House

The Promise of Lightning

The Labyrinth of Promises

The Girl and the Lightning

The Girl and the Labyrinth

Lightning and Promises

???????????? Errrrr………..what on earth am I thinking? Any of these sound workable to you? Or maybe I should ask if any of these say, “Pick me up and buy me!” ha.

4 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles (notice a theme?)

  1. I like The Labyrinth House best. Unless you are self-publishing, won’t the publisher have a lot of say in the choice of title — or is that mainly true of magazine/newspaper pieces? Maybe I should ask — are you self-publishing? I still have to print out and read the first chapter.

  2. Gee, I don’t know. I think I’d have to read your novel to figure out what would be most appropriate. I have the worst time coming up with titles. I feel your pain! And since a publisher would pick the title in the end, I hate having to come up with something in the first place – but you need something.

    I am going to tell you this before you send it out to agents. ‘Lightning’ does not have an ‘e’ in it. Don’t feel bad – really! You know how I found out? When I met with an agent! She had my first chapter, and in my first paragraph I had misspelled that word, and she told me in the meeting. Just shoot me now. But I’m so glad you get to benefit from my mistake. It’s a tricky word to spell.

  3. Shelli,
    I have forever spelled that word wrong. It goes on my long list of words I can’t spell no matter how many times I check–like my brain refuses to accept the correct spelling. And here’s me an English teacher!

    Oh well. Consider it corrected.

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