Sharing, Sort of…

Sherri got me with this tag that tries to get us to learn more about each other. Usually sharing more about my life seems a tedious exercise because I don’t do much beyond stay in my own head and I worry that blogging encourages way too much self-obsession as it is, but I’m game to be tagged, and if anyone’s interested, they can read on.

Link one must be about family: my father who prefers not to know I write
Link two must be about friends: my poor neglected and used as material friends
Link three must be about yourself: seven random things
Link four must be about something you love: because I still love NaNo and my novel
Link five can be about anything you choose: and I chose this because very few days go by when my height is not pointed out to me

I really can’t bring myself to tag anyone, but I’m always happy to get to know others better out here in cyberspace. Please introduce yourself with this tag if you like.

4 thoughts on “Sharing, Sort of…

  1. Yay! Thanks for doing the meme. I don’t usually tag people, either, but I thought this one would get a good reception. You’re the only one who did it!! So I guess I’ll go back to my crotchety, non-tagging hole. 🙂

    Off to look at your links.

  2. Shelli, I have done this before, but thought I’d try it again. I remember reading yours, too.

    And Sherri, I think I fixed the last link. Thanks for reading,

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