The Rewrite Chronicles: The Word

The word. The sound of the word. The connotation and implication. The character. Amazing all the is contained in a word.

So, when writing dialogue you must consider her vocabulary and style. You must think about what he should reveal and has said before. Don’t be repetitive unless repetition brings a point home. Don’t, however, use different words that are forced. Make conversation sound natural even as it is cleverer than anything you would really say. Make the words brilliant but don’t draw undue attention. Use the dialogue to distinguish character–she would say this; he wouldn’t.

And wit.

A good ear
and a unique voice.
Is that it?

3 thoughts on “The Rewrite Chronicles: The Word

  1. Of course that’s not it! Seriously, this is where the artistry–and fun!–comes in. Developing your pacing, word choice, rythm and sound of the words…

    Sounds like you are getting bummed. I recommend a nap and doing something else briefly so you can recharge your batteries.

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