Badgering: The Sweet Dream Edition

Tiny Badger is tired. Tired! But that won’t stop tiny badger from nipping at your heels if you aren’t doing your writing. I don’t know what other badgers dream about, but tiny badger dreams of humans hunched over desks marking up pages until there is a thing called a book. Tiny badger wants all these books so that he can scamper up them and get a good view of the world with all those stories to hold him up. Stories give the best views.

Are you writing your story?

October is a scant five months away. How far away is your ending? I’d be happy for an update if you want to share. Tiny badger would like an update too. Helps him sleep and have sweet dreams.

Look, whatever you have or haven’t written over the last few months, however much dust has or hasn’t collected over your manuscript, don’t let the past stop you. Go write something. It is totally worth it. And besides–tiny badger is coming for your ankles if you don’t!

4 thoughts on “Badgering: The Sweet Dream Edition

  1. dfrucci

    Over the last week I actually haven’t been writing. No clue why, just haven’t had the time really. As a whole, I am working on a short story called “Within the Dark”. I have a bunch of other projects bouncing around, but I’m going to focus on this one until it is done.

  2. I was so wrapped up in getting that submission packaged out to the conference last week that I stopped doing the general revisions on my manuscript. And now I’ve decided to take the weekend off from the novel because I was feeling brain-dead. But come Monday morning, I’ll be back to it! Promise!

  3. I’ve been working on short stories. I lost some work when I lost my notebook, but I am working on something now that I rather like. I’ve been inspired by Washington Irving of all writers. My vocabulary isn’t as good as his, that’s for sure. Egad, that man had some good words.

  4. Sherri

    Sometimes I loathe writing. Well, most of the time. I LOVE having written, hate the writing. Too much pressure. As a result, I’ve been working on the same rewrite for about 4 months. It should have taken 2. I’m not linking to my site because I don’t want my agent to see this! lol


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