Badgering: Those Tiny Teeth

Summertime, and the writing is easy. Words are jumping, and the writer is high…

Okay, maybe tiny badger should not be trying to sing Gershwin. Maybe the heat has fried tiny badger’s tiny brain. But hey, I’M STILL HERE. I’m here throwing tiny badger at you (he likes being thrown–it makes him sing!), the least you can do is get back to that manuscript. You see, writers away from their desks make easy badger targets. Splat! Tiny badger hits the back of your head!

Oh, no, I would never really hurt tiny badger because I love him and his tiny, sharp, writer-biting teeth, but the heat is getting to me.

So. Now that summer is upon us, find a shady spot and get back to writing. Your book needs you. It needs you more than summer reruns of CSI or 24 or Lost or whatever. Your novel needs you more than your to-do list needs you. Hey, anyone can write a to-do. Only you can write your novel. Your novel needs YOU! And if you persist in putting other loves in front of your novel, well, I’m afraid your novel will have no choice but to hire tiny badger to gnaw on your ankles while you sleep. That tiny badger will hum Gershwin while he does it will be of little comfort. And there is only one salve for these badger bites of guilt–writing. Oh, you can read good books and eat lots of ice cream and go camping, and maybe you’ll think you feel better (free–as if), but those distractions bring only temporary relief. They will lull you into thinking you don’t really need that novel. You don’t really have to write…la-la-la…

Wrong. There is but one cure–your words on the page. Avoid the pain of those badger guilt bit flare ups (which for some reason tend to occur while you’re in bed waiting for sleep–go figure) and get writing. Go.

Otherwise those tiny teeth are coming.

One thought on “Badgering: Those Tiny Teeth

  1. spabis

    Not sure how much writing/revising I’ll get done the next couple of weeks, but I look forward to getting back to it.

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