Free–Dead Fireflies. Get ’em while their hot. Light up your life.

Sparkling, brilliant ideas love to distract the poor soul who strives to live the creative life. If you could film this foolishness, you might see this wide-eyed individual out on a wide field at dusk jumping and grasping at flittering, bobbing lights. Much like a child chasing fireflies.

But what happens when that child captures the desired light? She puts it in a jar and oohs and ahs. He laughs and shows it off to anyone willing to stop and see. And then they forget. Perhaps they let the firefly out to entice someone else. Perhaps they leave it in the jar where it dies from lack of air, food, or freedom.

So let’s not compare ideas to fireflies. There isn’t much else you can do with them other than ooh, ah, and move on.

But all the same, perhaps some of us spend a lot of time jumping and grasping at our lovely ideas, our lovely, seductive inspirations, and when we catch them, we don’t actually get something done. They are just buzzing about in our heads–oh, look another one!–and what with all those sparks together do we have?

I think I need a steady light over more shoulder that shines on my work late into the night. A light I can direct to where I need it. A light I can turn on and off. There’s a reason why the lightbulb means we’ve had an idea.

My light is there, I know, but I can’t find the switch. Or maybe I’m afraid of the electric bill.

You’re home. Is your light on?

2 thoughts on “Free–Dead Fireflies. Get ’em while their hot. Light up your life.

  1. Sometimes I think those fireflies fade away into the air, but sometimes I think, with our attention, we that light is transferred to us, invisibly, or maybe we kind of start gaining a kind of firefly pheromone, like me with mosquitoes, where they hover around me, following me where ever I go.

    Instead of biting me and making me itch, wouldn’t be nice if we could collect a following of those fireflies to hover around us, unseen, until we call upon them to fire the inspiration?

    The more fireflies we catch and add to our subconscious, the more fireflies are attracted, until what we have is a whole swarm, and maybe in the swarm we can see pictures, or words. ??? hmm.

  2. Until I finally got the discipline to work on one idea until I had something to hold, I lost all the fireflies to the night. At least I have something, even though I wish I had a net that could catch them all!

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