Awards and Other Fears

In the 9th grade I won a poetry award. Two things about that night stand out. My father had bought me a new dress for the event and his girlfriend curled my hair. It was the first time they’d ever taken note of my appearance. Second, I’d written the winning poem on the phone with a friend, and so I felt like a cheat walking up on stage alone. I’ve scarcely written a poem since–or admitted to it anyway.

But I have won another award and because these days I do all my writing myself, I’ll do my best to leave the angst elsewhere (for later use).

Anyway, here’s the thing. Warrior Girl was kind enough to give me the Arte Y Pico Blog Award. But, okay, a wee bit of guilt creeps in because a few weeks back Sherri Blossoms gave me the same award, and I, being unable to figure out how to cut and paste the image here, thought I’d get around to keeping up my end of the bargain, but, obviously, didn’t. If I had, Warrior Girl might have given this award to someone other creative soul, but how was she to know?

But I am happy to be thought of–and this time to pass it along. Arte Y Pico, by the way, translates very roughly as Maximo..or The Best Art…over the top… or great and awesome job. Something like that. You get the idea.

The rules are (though do with them what works for you):
1. Pick five blogs that you consider deserves this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community.
2. Each award winner should link back to the person who gave the award (I’m fine with it if you don’t).
3. Each award given should link to the winning blog.
4. An Arte Y Pico link would be especially polite.

So of course there is the panic of who to choose and who that means you don’t choose. I like encouraging everyone, and if you’re expressing yourself, you deserve an award, but in an effort to follow the rules, here are five blogs that really do deserve some extra attention.

1. Mama of Letters. She writes, she takes beautiful photographs, and she supports her fellow bloggers. Go to her site and listen to her novel podcast (because she also has a lovely voice).

2. Simple Words I Understand. She seems to be taking a blogging break at the moment, but I hope this motivates her to start writing more. I enjoy her descriptions of the small moments in life. She has great timing, and ought to be read.

3. Grace Undressed. This one may strike some as an usual choice, perhaps, and some her posts are not for the faint-hearted. But that’s why she deserves an award–because she writes the truth and she writes it well.

4. Writer Reading. I’m not sure what Writer Reading thinks about awards and such, but I like what she has to say, and so go read.

5. Cane Picio. No writing here–real art. Stunning and graceful black and white drawings of a little dog. While Cane Picio is cute, the pictures are moving. Often pensive. I’m only sorry she took down the tiny animated Cane Picio pooping in the corner.

I hope I’m giving a compliment here and not bothering anyone. These are blogs worth reading, and if gets them more readers, then hurray. That’s enough.

5 thoughts on “Awards and Other Fears

  1. Great story about the poetry award. Cutting and pasting can be tricky because sometimes you have to horrifically resort to HTML which gives me nightmares. But thank you for the award. I truly feel honored and flattered and think of you as a generous soul, who is also very, very insightful to even wonder what I think of awards. I’ve gone through stages. In my previous blog incarnation, from last July until about January, I coveted awards. I was envious of blogs with numerous awards. I started to get a few of the ones I coveted, but then once I got some decided it was pointless and started to “steal” awards, that is, cut and paste them on my blog unearned, of course announcing that I was doing this. I thought I was being hilarious, but I’m not sure those who really earned the awards appreciated the cheating, however public. Sort of like your poetry award. So anyway, at this point, I don’t want anything “bloggy” on my blog, if that makes any sense. No pins, buttons, smiley faces, jumping ads,even banners for good causes like saving whales or sweet, sweet awards. I appreciate your sending people to my blog, but if you want to give the award to another deserving blogger who may covet it the way I used to, I will donate my award to that cause, which is a good one, because in may encourage another blogger to keep writing.

  2. I worried I was bothering everyone, too, and had absolutely no expectation that anyone would pass on the award. That’s why I don’t usually do tags or awards. I bet you believe you deserve the award, now that you’ve gotten it twice!

    I’ll check out the blogs you mentioned.

  3. I went to all of your links and enjoyed them all. Thanks for the tips.

    And I know how you feel about all the tech stuff. Truly, that stuff takes me forever.

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