To Prevent Crying and Injury

Suggestion: When you decide to face the comments you’ve gotten on your novel, do so in a public place. Keeps the wailing and self-inflicted injury to a minimum.

(Please note that the amazing friends who’ve given me feedback have made helpful and encouraging comments. I am grateful for their time and energy spent on my account. But I still want to pound my head against something heavy when I see how many times I type “you’re” instead of “your.”)

4 thoughts on “To Prevent Crying and Injury

  1. Except for those of us who have absolutely no control over the sobbing. In those cases, much like an extremely intoxicated individual, one may be asked to leave. You can then sneeze on the bouncer and tell him very loudly so everyone can hear that you have Ebola.

  2. lazym

    There’s no reason the writer you should be able to tell homophones apart. (In fact, Erin the ML Headmistress and I have decided that’s one of the downsides of NaNo – we’ve both noticed this affliction since doing NaNo.)

    The editor lives in a completely different part of the brain from the part that creates. Minor points of grammar and spelling, exact word choices, and dropped words don’t matter. What matters is getting the story down and making it good, which you have done admirably. Don’t criticize the writer you (it’s a delicate flower), and don’t let the bastards (or in this case, bitch) get you down. 😎

  3. Jeez, don’t worry about silly editorial stuff! Not that you shouldn’t purge errors as best you may; but to beat yourself up about what are essentially typos? Waste of your energy. It’s the story that you need to focus on, which I am sure is quite fine.

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