Exhausted and Dreaming

Sharing is exhausting. Sending your child to kindergarten is exhausting. Starting another semester teaching is exhausting. Working on art for a show is exhausting. Rewriting a story is exhausting.

I’m tired.

For tonight–goodnight and sweet dreams.

in my mother's apartment
in my mother's apartment

3 thoughts on “Exhausted and Dreaming

  1. You’ve earned it! (Just don’t stay too exhausted. 🙂 )

    The photograph couldn’t be better: in the context of this post, obviously, but also (a) as a photograph, in its own right (beautifully composed: all the triangles sweep to the left, drawing attention to the sleeping child’s head), and (b) in the context of the backstory which has been unfolding here in recent weeks (what it reveals about things as seen from the mother’s POV as opposed to the daughter’s).

  2. to tell you the truth, i have been amazed at your vigor and felt a little guilty that I was at that exhausted stage a few weeks ago.

    take a good break…

    but make sure to come back. I love your stories

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