5 thoughts on “because I can’t think of everything

  1. Love the cartoon (the xkcd strip in general, plus the specific example).

    Many people write, and write well, about the terrors of childhood. For my money, adulthood is waaay more terrifying. And then when I take big heaping gobs of “I want to write” and spoon them all over the top of adulthood, it’s a wonder I can even work up the courage to roll over in bed.

    (Don’t burn out!)

  2. awesome cartoon.

    when people say that they don’t want to grow up, I wonder what they think growing up means.

    it doesn’t have to mean those things. we don’t have to become someone different than we are. we don’t have to wear a tie or use capitals or read the wall street journal.

    maybe being a grown up for you is growing your own tomatoes and wearing multiple strands of large beaded necklaces and having pancakes for dinner and writing all day long. I don’t know, but I think what people think is “being an adult” is often more like playing dress up. It would be exhausting to always wear the same costume if you felt that wasn’t really you.

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