It really is October. Damn.

October is here. How many words are in the month? Not sure. My first art show–a small event to be sure but mine all the same–will arrive soon and so…I’ve got nothing else to write about.

work in progress...
work in progress...

8 thoughts on “It really is October. Damn.

  1. Congratulations on your show. I love that WIP. I am drawn to swirls and spirals and it is one of my most common doodle themes. It gets my illustration brain going.

    I have a separate question, though. Are you going to do nanowrimo again? Are you starting something entirely new or are you staying in the same world of your current novel? I’m going back and forth between wanting to start something new and wanting to work on something in the same world. But then, I haven’t finished my novel, and you have.

  2. SBW, Thank you. It’s pen and ink–with a rough draft of my novel shredded into tiny bits on top.

    rowena, thanks to you too. For whatever reason I’m a circle/ spiral junkie. And yes, I’m doing NaNo. I’m staying in the same world but introducing new characters. The setting will probably be (but might change if mood or need calls) in a new and unexplored area of town. We’ll see!

  3. Hey, wow — congrats on the show, I don’t care how “small an event.”

    Is there some way you could easily set up a Flickr gallery (or whatever the word is) showing just the works that will are in it?

    I’ve liked your cut-ups (?) since first stumbling on this blog and segueing over to the Flickr site. (And you know I like the photos, found or otherwise.) Seems like a godawful thing to do with your words but, well, the words are the thing, aren’t they?

  4. Thank you JES. And well, since I am cutting up drafts–not the one and only copy–it feels useful to cut the thing up. It’s like, “At last! This novel is amounting to something!” And it’s my small bit of recycling. ha.

    And thank you Kate. May they be pollen indeed.

  5. Yup, yup. Virtual guest invites desired over here, too.

    LOVED this work in progress. Really cool.

    You should go check out

    She’s a very cool artist I got to know on a trip to Santa Fe. She combines her poetry with her photography in these beautiful and intense decoupage canvases. Plus, she’s just a cool person in general. I have one of her works above my computer: “Art is Lovelier than Anxiety.” I think you’d like her stuff. I know she’d LOVE yours.

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