5 thoughts on “bad and under the pillow

  1. fairyhedgehog: Words Are Art’s RSS feed

    mapelba: About time you made an announcement about this. Great project! There are times when I wish I had a… well, a legend I guess you could say — a key or something — a transcript of the passage(s) used in the works. But then I remember the whole point of this is, duh, to cut the words up. So re-assembling them wouldn’t make much sense. 🙂

  2. Thank you, fairyhedgehog. I think the RSS feed for that blog is at the bottom. Try it if you like, and let me know if it doesn’t work. I’m not very hip on that sort of thing and can never tell how to add buttons or widgets and such. Oh, and I see JES has added the feed in the comments. Yea, JES!

    Squirrel, well, I always think I haven’t done enough. It is never enough.

    JES< you have to buy ALL the work to put it back together–and go through my trash can. Anyway, thanks.

  3. P.S. When you’re feeling ambitious and, hahahaha, have some time on your hands, you might want to check out a new(ish) WP plugin, called Lazyest — an easy image gallery. Built-in slide show, visitor comments on each image, etc.

    It’s here. Seems to integrate with themes pretty well.

    May try it out on my own site, just need to figure out why I’d need an image gallery. 🙂

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