No Style Guru Here

at my best!
at my best!

I read these book reviews that use words like precision, observant, and relevant. Or words like sharp, clear, and brilliant. Looking at my own novel, I think messy, lopsided, and random. Well, I started out that way, and there probably isn’t much chance that is going to change now.

How much do you think the way we were as children informs the way we write as adults?

7 thoughts on “No Style Guru Here

  1. All my favorite novels are messy, lopsided, and random. If I want precise, well-observed, relevant novels, I can find them in the bookstore or library but I rarely read them when I get them home, where they remain in my messy, lopsided, and random room. The bigger question is, How many of us would return here if you were other than who you are?

  2. I would never call your work messy. lopsided and random… well, maybe a little random, but only in the way intricate patterns sometimes seem to start out random. It’s organic. And subtle and unpredictable.

    It’s all spin, anyway, the way we define ourselves and others. It’s all perspective.

    Why that little tyke in the picture looks charmingly quirky and destined for great things.

  3. Now Shelly, you do realize, don’t you, that I’m going to take that to mean that messy, lopsided, and random novels don’t end up in bookstores and libraries. As to the bigger question–we’ll never know.

    shelli, I spent most of my childhood alone (or at least without other children around). I don’t know if that makes me more introspective, but it certainly influenced me in some ways.

    rowena, thanks for making me smile.

  4. Funny photo. Looks like you’re wearing the Cat in the Hat’s hat… as a nightshirt. 🙂

    Isn’t there some psychological principle to the effect that our personalities are established by age 6 — something like that? Which if true pretty much says that for writers, everything that follows is just a matter of more complex narrative and bigger vocabulary!

  5. I’m in reverse…I didn’t exactly have a childhood, was instead made into a mini adult. Now as an adult I have the tendency not to be as organized as I should be. I want to escape the daily deluge of housework, laundry any given chance. It’s also probably one of those reasons I haven’t sat long enough to pen that book. All Pickles has to do is even hint, we should escape outside and run around in abandon. The dishes are left in the sink and I’m gone out the door. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. JES, by age six? Then I am doomed. ha-ha.

    Indigo, when it comes down to it, I don’t think that many people had childhoods that were filled with those enchanting images we get from Kodak moments. Childhood is a mess! Mine was. Be glad you can run around with abandon. That’s more important than dishes any day.

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