Plans and Passwords

at Weeki Wachi Spings
at Weeki Wachi Spings

I thought we’d get married, but my mother broke up with his father and I never saw him again. You can’t control everything no matter how many plans you make.

But here is my plan today. I’ll make art for the art festival in April, and if you buy a picture cut from my novel, you’ll get the name of a website and a password. You go to that website, type in your password, and–ta-da!–you’ll get to read the chapter used in your art. That’s got to work, right?

What are your creative plans for the coming months?

9 thoughts on “Plans and Passwords

  1. I don’t know that I have any creative plans for the month. I have tried many times to sit down and write something, but my fingers seem to have a difficult time typing out the words I want to use…I did doodle some pics on the back of an envelope the other night (all inspired by you, I might add. Unfortunately, they don’t look anything like yours; they really aren’t worth looking at as I am definitely not artistically inclined…) Hopefully something creative will find its way out of me before month’s end…We shall see!

  2. Sherri

    I thought about what my plans are, but then I realized my plans never turn out the way I plan, so what’s the use? I plan on churning out the pages. That’s as far as I’m willing to go.

    Your plan sounds like a winner.

  3. My plans? Same as they’ve been for a year.

    Open my etsy shop.
    Finish my novel (send it out).
    Keep on creating.

    I’ve been working on them forever, so maybe I’m almost there….

    Sometimes we make plans without realizing the journey it takes to reach them. But if we keep going in the right direction, maybe we’ll get there anyway, even if not in the way we pictured. Maybe we will get somewhere BETTER.

  4. Complete the historical timeline for the novel (from the sixties to the present) and other research. Keep writing entries for the journal I started to document the novel-writing process. Get most of the first draft done by the time my daughter graduates at the end of May.
    Learn to play the guitar I bought last weekend (partly as a way of identifying with my protagonist, partly just for fun).
    That’s the plan anyway. The best part about having already written a novel is having a better idea of how much writing I can accomplish in a certain amount of time, so I’ll aim for that, knowing that life can intervene at any time…

  5. Shelly, I think I must be crazy to try and sell art in times like these.

    Christy, keep trying. You might be doing better than you think, and even if you aren’t, it takes a while to find out what you can and want to do. Trust me, my trash can has seen many false starts. And I still get grumpy that nothing is as good as I want it to be.

    Sherri, that’s the only plan you need. Keep writing.

    rowena, you’ll get somewhere better because that is where you’re looking.

    Sarah, life intervenes every minute of the day, but keep aiming.

  6. Creative plans: ramp up the WIP; make time and energy for same by ramping down the blog writing.

    It probably won’t be a 100% smooth transition. 🙂

    Y’know what would be an interesting experiment, besides the “buy an artwork, get access to the whole chapter” one? (a) Switch it around — “buy access to a chapter, get a print/copy of the artwork.” (b) Do BOTH and compare results. I’d probably be more likely to pay for the reading, as you probably know, but I wonder how it would work out for others interested in the art or the writing…

  7. Oh JES, you would go and add more lunacy to the plan. Well, the rest of the plan goes something like this–if you like your chapter you can buy the book! But obviously you could buy the book without buying the art…so now I suppose I could throw a picture in.


    D’Arcy, worry less about pawning off art for space and go make more art to take up space. Go on and crowd yourself!

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