All the Best Flaws Are Going Fast!

This video made me feel better. So, what flaws would you like to trade? Let’s see… I’ve got talks too much, obsesses, staph scars, varicose veins, insecurity, bad hair, half of my rib cage is concave instead convex, and a weakness for flattery. Any traders? Anyone? Anyone?

8 thoughts on “All the Best Flaws Are Going Fast!

  1. That was fun to watch. I love the statement, “I am perfect in all my flaws.” As for mine? Oy. Moody, cynical, overweight, think too much, a tendency to retreat in relationships, eat food for comfort or when bored, insecure.

  2. Yes Kathryn, that is a great statement. I hope I remember it.

    Tab, I fall for flattery. I tell myself he doesn’t mean it and fall for it anyway. And if your flaws are your writing material then you’ve no flaws at all. Glad to see you again.

  3. Oh, terrific find, that video. Thanks for it!

    Here are the only two I’m willing to share right now *cough*: balding spot thinning hair, crown of my head; too-easy distractibility when Important Things Must Be Worked On.

    If I may offer an observation (flaw #3: not waiting for an answer before finishing sentences which start that way), I think your insecurity flaw must lead you to equate compliments with flattery. Flatterers have something to gain. In a way, deciding that you’re being flattered when somebody says something good about you is assigning a flaw to them, in the guise of a flaw (“I don’t deserve compliments”) in yourself. Hmm?

  4. Okay Mr. Clever Clogs. Yes, JES, I see your point. But at least I wasn’t thinking about compliments about my writing or art. So far I’ve trusted everyone on that even if I’m afraid to believe it. I was thinking more of men at parties/bars or wherever who didn’t know I wrote.

  5. “Mr. Clever Clogs”: okay, I thought you must’ve made that up. But now I see it actually means something. (He said, looking all faux-wounded as he secretly sniffed to himself, oozing hauteur.)

  6. hmmmm, thoughts.
    1st: loved the vid. What an interesting concept.
    2nd: I’ve always thought that finding someone to love who was smart, good-looking, funny, and kind wasn’t that difficult. In fact, they’re a dime a dozen. However, finding someone whose flaws and quirks you tolerate and perhaps even get a kick out of … priceless and hard to find.
    3rd: I’ll trade my insecurities for yours. At least yours would feel new and different and present a different sort of challenge. Wanna trade?



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